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Jute Bamboo Composites

Bamboo is a renewable organic substance which can substitute woods and can reduce the use and depletion of finite raw materials and long cycle renewable materials. Bamboo has the potential to provide sustainable farming alternative to farmers. Primary Bamboo Processing at village level has tremendous potential for jobs to the rural poor and raw materials for value added bamboo products.

If Bamboo pulp is mixed with Jute and then put in an impregnation plant to impregnate Jute Hessian Cloth with Bamboo Pulp initially and then with Phenolic Resin and other components, ultimate hard sheet board can be had to substitute wood/plastic board/sheet. This can hold strength more than wood and durable more than plastic and wood sheet.

We are doing extensive research on this Bamboo Jute Mix Composites and plan to set upto an independent unit in a shop floor at a second location soon.