Excel Composites Pvt. Ltd.

ISO Certified Natural & artificial fibre manufacturer
Approved With SSI/NSIC/RDSO

About us

Excel Composites Pvt. Ltd. is a Natural Fibre Based Thermosetting Composites manufacturer and an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified Company having huge shop floor in Bodai Industrial complex in the north suburb of Kolkata. RDSO Lucknow has approved our products as substitute to Plywood and wood substitute.

Key products manufactured by the company are Jute Reinforced Composites – Natural Fibre Thermostat Composite (NFTC) and Natural Artificial Fibre Thermostat Composites (NAFTC).




NFTC Board

Excel Composites Pvt. Ltd. Is an ISO 9001:2008 Accredited company specialized in manufacturing of different types of Jute / Bamboo reinforced composites and benefited supplier to Indian Railways and outside open market since 1998. Our financial and technical support by National Center for Jute Diverfication now National Jute Board, Kolkata.

Agriculture and Forest resources are continuously depleted to make the wood available for various end uses. From environment point of view there is utmost need to protect our forest resources in other word to develop wood substitute.


Hot pressed rigid jute/sheet and board made out of jute hessian cloth/bamboo mats as reinforcing material and PF/MF resin as binder are suitable for roof paneling, flooring and any structural application and in general as wood substitute product.

Specific functional properties like fire retardency, bending, water absorption abrasion resistance etc. Also imparted using suitable ingredients.

Mission of Excel Composites is to

  1. Promote organic use of raw materials substituting wood and plywood those are the ill effect of felling of trees and destroying the ecology

  2. Diversification of end use of Jute

  3. Bring out alternate substance which are robust, qualitatively good an can be used in different industries

  4. Reach out to domiciliary users with the furniture, panels and even utensils those will hold strong and looks good.

  5. Generate more employment, turning unskilled manpower resources into skilled artisans


Joy Gupta


Jit Gupta

Visionary of this gigantic task is Joy Gupta whose relentless effort has taken the manufacturing unit from a small scale industry to play in open market contesting with MNCs with diversified products. He is now supported by his able son Jit Gupta who is taking the stupendous task ahead.